Antoine at the Ice Rink

Antoine at the Ice Rink

Alfie and I walked to the heart of downtown Detroit last night. We read in the Detroit Free Press that the Christmas lights had been turned on the night before. The scene we were met with did not disappoint.

Pure magic.

Antoine, pictured here, was busy preparing the ice for the 6pm opening of the rink. If you squint your eyes and look in the background to the right, you can see an excited crowd of skaters waiting for Antoine’s OK signal.

Skating Dre

Skating Dre

Alfie and I were crossing a large abandoned lot when voices and laughter led us to a skatepark. One of those laughters belonged to Dre.

Dre has spent most of his last three years on a skateboard, he told me, and sometimes his skating has even led him to travel around the country.

Today, traveling for skating involved driving 45 minutes from Milford, Michigan, to come into the city. His three buddies came too.

Mary and Betty, my sources at the local retirement home, tell me the building behind Dre is set to be destroyed thanks to a new influx of federal funding.