Kelsie at the Mustache Dache

Kelsie at the Mustache Dache

We heard Kelsie before we saw her. Endless enthusiastic screams were being produced to encourage runners in Detroit’s edition of the Mustache Dache, a 5K race which has its runners -male and female- wear mustaches as they compete.

By the time we turned the corner and saw her, Alfie and I were ready to put our sneakers on and join the race.

Kelsie’s friends were standing nearby. They were giggling: a mixture of embarrassment and awe.

Riverfront Ronnie

Riverfront Ronnie

Alfie and I bumped into Ronnie on our walk along the riverfront this morning. He gave us a lesson in basic Detroit fishing. This is Ronnie pulling a sheepshead out of the water. I thought it was rather an impressive catch, but our new friend seemed quite blasé about it.

“Walleyes are what people look to catch and eat,” he told us. “I’m going to put this one back in the water.”

Across the water, in case you were wondering, is Canada.