Clarissa and the Bike

Clarissa and the Bike

I walked into Shinola – a new luxury watch and bicycle store based out of Detroit – a few weeks ago as I was doing some background research for a story I am writing for British media.

The staff could not have been friendlier, but Clarissa, pictured here, may have been my favorite. She told me she moved to Detroit a couple of years ago after falling in love with the city over the course of a weekend visiting one of her great friends.

Later that night, as I had hung up my reporting shoes and put on my bright blue suede stilettos for a party at the Red Bull House of Art, beaming Clarissa tapped me on the shoulder.

“Tell me the truth,” she said. “Were you in the shop because you were curious, or were you on the job?”

We smiled. No fool Clarissa.

Almond Croissant at Great Lakes

Almond Croissant at Great Lakes

I had a delicious coffee and almond croissant at Great Lakes Coffee in Midtown Detroit this morning. I took this photo while I waited for my new friend Bryan to arrive. I feel like I am going to say this many, many times over the next few months, so let this mark the first time:

New Yorkers, eat your hearts out.