Sydney the Electrician

Sydney the Electrician

To say that my building is having some work done on it would be a profound understatement. On the upside, this means there is always a variety of new faces to say hello to when Alfie and I walk in and out of the building.

Well, when I say a variety, I mean mostly men.

This is Sydney the electrician. Alfie thought Sydney was rather good news, but was not convinced about his ladder.

Almond Croissant at Great Lakes

Almond Croissant at Great Lakes

I had a delicious coffee and almond croissant at Great Lakes Coffee in Midtown Detroit this morning. I took this photo while I waited for my new friend Bryan to arrive. I feel like I am going to say this many, many times over the next few months, so let this mark the first time:

New Yorkers, eat your hearts out.