Gill’s Paint Job

Gill's Paint Jon

Talk about having a paint job to do.

I think graffiti, murals and random messages tagged onto abandoned houses are some of my favorite things about Detroit. The city can feel quite empty when you are walking around and animated walls keep me smiling. Sometimes they even give me a sense of connection.

I took this picture on the way home from buying some ginger snap cookies this morning. Gill, the small figure on the left, is executing a master update of one of Eastern Market’s biggest facades. Vito and Will who are overseeing the process, were lurking in between cars, nearby. Funding for the update is coming all the way from the federal department of housing and urban development, they said.

Vito was walking around with a picture of what the original mural from 1970 looked like. He said they were going to go back to its original features, which were more cartoonish. Business pal Will nodded, but corrected Vito on the date.

“The original mural was done in 1969,” Will said.

“1970,” Vito retorted.