Scott and the Spelt Bread

Scott and the Spelt Bread

Scott doesn’t just have an excellent beard. Scott also sells delicious bread. He sometimes eats it too. He got very excited when I took an interest in his spelt bread.

“The best way to have it is with melted cheese and fried up onions.” He paused before adding: “well that might be just me. I’m a bit different.”

Best Treats for Dakota

Best Treats for Dakota

This is Jay with his new puppy Dakota. Dakota is a Rhodesian Ridgeback-German Shepherd-(and I think) Chow mix. The cutest thing.

Alfie and I ran into them as we were exiting my local pet store. I wondered whether they lived in the neighborhood. Jay said they lived close, but explained it wasn’t so much about living locally, as much as chasing down the best treats.

“We found some treats we really like here,” he said, “so we decided to take the car and come and get some more.”

The Ladies with the Sunglasses

The Ladies with the Sunglasses

I guess there was some mutual appreciation going on at the market earlier today. I was heading towards the honeycrisp apples when these two ladies stopped me. They asked whether I might pose for a picture. Jackpot, I thought: that must mean I get to take a picture of them too.

Krystal, in the amazing orange dress, is from Detroit and Jennifer, on her right, was in from New York. They were on the job for local bicycle company Shinola.

Kim and the Croissant

Kim and the Croissant

Kim gave me some much needed Detroit friendliness yesterday as I returned from a three and a half hour bike ride.

I didn’t exactly choose to go on such a long ride, except that my new friend Detavio suggested I meet him in Southfield, just outside of the city, and I thought riding out there would be a cool experience.

Let’s just say Detroit is not used to bikes yet. Potholes, screams to get off the road, car honks and even an encounter with a policeman for unwitting trespassing.

By the time I got home and tumbled into Milano Bakery, I was what my friend Sara would describe as a hot mess.

Kim laughed at my accent and laughed even harder when I asked her where she was from. “Why I’m from here, from Detroit.”

She told me Milano Bakery had been around for years, even if Eastern Market was a relatively new location. “It was out on Six Mile,” she said. “I remember hearing about it as a little girl.”

Dale Offers Me a Ride

Dale Offers Me a Ride

I met this charming man – Dale – on my way back from doing my grocery shopping in Eastern Market this afternoon. I was carrying two large bags full of fruit and veg and Dale wondered whether I might want to hop on for a ride home.

The offer was rather tempting, but having just a few more steps to go, I declined and took a photo instead.

Busy Bee Richard

Busy Bee Richard

I strolled into Busy Bee Hardware Store round the corner from my new house today and was greeted by a sea of Detroit gentlemen. This particular one is Richard. Richard’s grandfather bought the store in 1918 when he returned from World War I. Richard told me he was “third generation hardware.” He wondered what my story was, and when I told him I had just moved from New York, Richard informed me that didn’t seem quite right.

“Doesn’t fit you,” he said. “You’re too homey for New York.”

I am not entirely sure why (and indeed I am not sure he was right), but I do believe that was a compliment. We agreed I would give Detroit my best shot.

Big Mike and Blue Cindy

Big Mike and Blue Cindy

Big Mike and Blue Cindy

This here is my new ride: Blue Cindy. A complete cliche for a name, but then again the man who sold her to me (to her left) is called Big Mike, so I thought I could indulge.

I have a giant, intimidating lock to go with her. Big Mike suggested the lock could also be used in self-defense against my boyfriend, if needed. Hopefully not.

Big Mike’s favorite color is purple. He’s been living in Detroit since he was 18 and sees no reason to leave. He assured me the bike stealing scene is not as big here in Detroit as it is in London or New York. “There are bigger things to steal. Like cars. Chryslers are the easiest cars to steal. Anyone can do it. Look it up on YouTube.”

Needless to say, I did. He was quite right.