Spinning Robert

Spinning Robert

Robert gave me a ride today as I was on my way to interview a few people for a story.

Robert is from the west side of Detroit and says he loves his city.

“I love Detroiters. It’s like we have a chip on our shoulder and we want to prove we can do things better than the rest.”

Robert told me he ended up spinning in the best clubs in Seoul when he was in Korea with the army. “It’s like you’re a world class DJ when you go abroad, but in Detroit you’re one of hundreds, so you have no idea.”

Megan with the Socks

Megan with the Socks

Megan was standing outside her letter press studio Salt and Cedar in Eastern Market when Alfie and I walked by. We had just been buying some beer round the corner (local microbrew Bell’s Brown Beer to be exact – which is heavenly – but that’s a story for another day) and Megan invited both of us inside to have a look.

Megan says she and her husband have lived and taught (as professors) around the country, but have found no place more vibrant and artistically inspiring than Detroit.

“We’re escaping the winter to Georgia,” she told me later. No place is perfect I suppose.