Street Stylish Troy

Street Stylish Troy

I was working at the lovely Bamboo co-working space in downtown Detroit a few weeks ago, when one of its members, Xavier, came in looking his usual cool. I think there was a bright red tee-shirt, a necklace and a cap involved. Troy, pictured here, commented on Xavier’s appearance.

“You look like one of those stylish people who get stopped on the street by fashion photographers.”

“It’s a compliment,” Troy said, “no one’s ever stopped me.”

Minutes later, I followed Troy downstairs and asked him to strike a pose. It’s never too late for a first.

Troy owns a Detroit-based business called Corporate Production Services Group, which provides meeting and event services. If you look in the distance to the left, you will see the world-renowned General Motors towers.

Adam’s Business Pitch

Adam's Business Pitch

You may not know this, but there’s a serious startup culture in Detroit. Young people are moving into the city and are pretty excited to be a part of building its future.

This is Adam. Adam recently moved back to his home state of Michigan from New York. He told me he was waiting for the right business idea, but had firmly committed to living in the city.

I met Adam at a startup challenge/networking night organized by one of the co-working spaces here, Bamboo. The photo captured him as he pitched an idea his team had spent a few minutes coming up with based on four words. Said idea involved a rich business man and a flying robot. His delivery was impeccable.