Tanisha and the Denim Shirt

Tanisha Redefines Thrifty

I was strolling up Cass Avenue today on my way to do some background reporting with my fellow British partner in crime Hannah, when a store front featuring gorgeous shoes displayed across old wooden chests caught our eye.

Tanisha (pictured here) and her husband just opened Thrift on the Avenue, which sells super cool second-hand women’s clothes at affordable prices.

“You don’t have to spend a lot to look good,” I heard one of our new friends declare as I tried a succession of dresses and skirts on.

Classy Tanisha didn’t need to say much to convince me.

Minutes later – and after a few warm goodbyes – I was leaving the store with a new bright purple dress and some “D” for Detroit earrings.

Many a long-term Detroit resident has told me that the Cass Corridor was a hotbed for crime up until just a few years ago. The area has since been rebranded a part of Midtown.

Kennedy at the Old Miami

Kennedy at the Old Miami

Kennedy was rearranging cushions as I was sipping on an iced Coke at the Old Miami along the Cass Corridor yesterday.

She was getting the place ready for an event later on in the afternoon supporting mayoral candidate Mike Duggan.

Kennedy is from Detroit but has moved away from the city four times. The last time she came back was two years ago. She told me she was ready to pack up her bags and leave again when she heard Mike Duggan was running for election. “Only reason I’m still here,” she said.

If you look closely at her badge, you’ll see it says “I Like Mike.” Kind of brilliant in its simplicity, if you ask me.