Big Mike and Blue Cindy

Big Mike and Blue Cindy

Big Mike and Blue Cindy

This here is my new ride: Blue Cindy. A complete cliche for a name, but then again the man who sold her to me (to her left) is called Big Mike, so I thought I could indulge.

I have a giant, intimidating lock to go with her. Big Mike suggested the lock could also be used in self-defense against my boyfriend, if needed. Hopefully not.

Big Mike’s favorite color is purple. He’s been living in Detroit since he was 18 and sees no reason to leave. He assured me the bike stealing scene is not as big here in Detroit as it is in London or New York. “There are bigger things to steal. Like cars. Chryslers are the easiest cars to steal. Anyone can do it. Look it up on YouTube.”

Needless to say, I did. He was quite right.