Nick in Denial at the Grand Trunk

Nick in Denial at the Grand Trunk

Perching atop a bar stool at the Grand Trunk in downtown Detroit, I leant across the counter and engaged my barman in conversation.

“So Nick, tell me what the deal is with Detroit men and all your beards?”

Don’t get me wrong. I am a great supporter of beards, it’s just I’ve noticed a solid three quarters of the men I meet here seem to have one. It’s become so normal, I’ve almost stopped noticing altogether.

Nick looked bashful. It only took him a moment to reply. “What do you mean all our beards?”

Scott and the Spelt Bread

Scott and the Spelt Bread

Scott doesn’t just have an excellent beard. Scott also sells delicious bread. He sometimes eats it too. He got very excited when I took an interest in his spelt bread.

“The best way to have it is with melted cheese and fried up onions.” He paused before adding: “well that might be just me. I’m a bit different.”