Big Money Scott

Big Money Scott

My new friend Ben and I walked into 1515 on Broadway after having a delightful lunch in Greektown a few Fridays ago. After buying coffee, Ben and I were lucky enough to spend some time¬†with Scott and Scott’s marvelous yellow turtleneck.

Scott is temporarily based out of Corktown, although he will be flying back to LA soon. He is in the business of lending money to very wealthy people and helping them carry out large ventures.

“The big ham” is how he put it.

When he found out I was a reporter his face froze.

“You haven’t been recording me, have you?”

Stephen Boyle, aka “Fuzzytek”

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Stephen yesterday for a story I am writing on Occupy Wall Street’s second anniversary this coming Tuesday.

Stephen is 52 and has been living in the Detroit area most of his life. He is a freelance computer programmer and systems integrator who has been active with Occupy Detroit since its first meeting on October 10, 2011.

Stephen lost his job in 2004 and his house in 2006. His was “a story of riches to rags,” he told me with a smile.