Ivan the Scientologist

Ivan the Scientologist

I had just settled into a glass of white wine at Great Lakes Coffee the other night, waiting for my iPhone to charge before hitting the road (on foot) again, when I was approached by a bespectacled man with the glossiest of hair.

Meet Ivan.

Ivan is a physicist who trained at UC Berkeley and Sussex University in England. He says his science background is of great help in understanding the teachings of scientology.

He was disappointed to find out I was a reporter.

“I am not allowed to audit you,” he said. “The Church of Scientology forbids us from auditing reporters, military personnel and policemen.”

Erik at Thomas Magee

Erik at Thomas Magee

I walked over to Thomas Magee, a new bar in Eastern Market, this Tuesday. It had been a long day’s work and I needed a beer. A Ghettoblaster beer to be precise.

I was met by a pretty cool team of staff, including Erik, pictured here, who is the owner.

Erik is from the east side of Detroit and his past seems to have involved a substantial amount of traveling due to boxing. He is a Newcastle football supporter (as in soccer) and has quite impressive niche knowledge about the game.

Erik said he wasn’t completely sold on me yet, but was willing to give me a try. After a few beers – yes, definitely more than one – and a chat with a charming firefighter, I headed home. Erik gave me a hug on my way out. Friendship may not have been there yet, but I felt sure I was off to a good start.

Street Stylish Troy

Street Stylish Troy

I was working at the lovely Bamboo co-working space in downtown Detroit a few weeks ago, when one of its members, Xavier, came in looking his usual cool. I think there was a bright red tee-shirt, a necklace and a cap involved. Troy, pictured here, commented on Xavier’s appearance.

“You look like one of those stylish people who get stopped on the street by fashion photographers.”

“It’s a compliment,” Troy said, “no one’s ever stopped me.”

Minutes later, I followed Troy downstairs and asked him to strike a pose. It’s never too late for a first.

Troy owns a Detroit-based business called Corporate Production Services Group, which provides meeting and event services. If you look in the distance to the left, you will see the world-renowned General Motors towers.