Kim and the Croissant

Kim and the Croissant

Kim gave me some much needed Detroit friendliness yesterday as I returned from a three and a half hour bike ride.

I didn’t exactly choose to go on such a long ride, except that my new friend Detavio suggested I meet him in Southfield, just outside of the city, and I thought riding out there would be a cool experience.

Let’s just say Detroit is not used to bikes yet. Potholes, screams to get off the road, car honks and even an encounter with a policeman for unwitting trespassing.

By the time I got home and tumbled into Milano Bakery, I was what my friend Sara would describe as a hot mess.

Kim laughed at my accent and laughed even harder when I asked her where she was from. “Why I’m from here, from Detroit.”

She told me Milano Bakery had been around for years, even if Eastern Market was a relatively new location. “It was out on Six Mile,” she said. “I remember hearing about it as a little girl.”

One thought on “Kim and the Croissant

  1. hahahaha!! Hot mess indeed! Pot holes–trespassing–honks–oh my!! 😉

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